Saturday, March 10, 2012

Planted Seeds for Our 2012 Vegetable Garden

We planted seeds for our vegetable garden.  Doing it right from scratch this year.  We found a fascinating kit at our local hardware store and pulled out a bunch of different seeds from previous year's harvest, including some tomato seeds from my father's garden.  Now it's the anxiety of waiting to see what sprouts from these little peat-pots.

1.  Here are some of our tomato seeds from previous years.

2.  Pour water overtop.

3.  Allow some time for each peat-pot to rise as it moistens.

4.  Pierce open at top and plant 2 to 3 seeds in the middle and then close back up.

5.  Put covers back on the tray and wait for stems to pierce through within the next few weeks.

6.  We planted seeds for tomatoes, hot peppers, sweet peppers, leek and celery.  Let's wait a few weeks and see what happens!

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