Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

Today was a busy day.  I spent the morning boiling and colouring eggs in preparation of our Orthodox Easter celebration this Sunday.  I dyed the eggs Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.  Most of these colours are for decorative purposes, however, the Red egg is the most significant to an Orthodox Christian.

Why the Red Easter Egg?

After the Resurrection of Christ, St. Mary Magdalene went to Rome, Tradition teaches that when Mary first met the Roman emperor.  Tiberius Caesar, she held a plain egg in her hand and greeted him with the words, "Christ is risen!"  Tiberius exclaimed:  "How can someone rise from the dead?  This is hard to believe.  It is just as likely that Christ rose from the dead as it is that the egg you are holding will turn to red."  Even as he spoke, the egg turned a brilliant red!  She then preached the good news of Jesus Christ to the emperor and the imperial household.

Mary Magdalene told Tiberius all that Pontius Pilate and the leaders of the Jews had done to the Savior, and preached the Good News to all!  Now you know why we crack dozens of eggs at Easter!
(Reference:  Holy Week in the Orthodox Church)

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  1. I never knew that about the red egg :) thanks for sharing!!
    - Steph