Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Borscht is another classic Ukrainian soup.  This is a hearty soup recipe that should be eaten as a meal.  There are many versions of this soup and I have several to share over time. 

Once again, be sure to buy your beets organic.  They grow underground and you may want to avoid the heavy metals from within the soil.

Beets can be very messy and will stain your hands.  My secret is wearing surgical gloves while peeling and grating the beets.  No more red hands for me.

This recipe calls for canned beans, which I will avoid adding if I don't have time to pre-boil a cup of beans prior to making this soup.  Normally, I choose to skip out on an ingredient rather than use something that has been sitting in an aluminum can.  

*Fresh summer beets can be boiled with its skin on and once cooled, peel and freeze as a whole.


  1. Boil meat.  Can be a a chicken wing or ribs. (Skim fat from top).
  2.  Add carrots, celery, leek, 3 diced potatoes and 1 whole peeled potato.
  3.  Add 6 beets (peeled and grated) to pot.
  4. Season with salt & pepper.  
  5.  Once potato is cooked, remove from pot.  Mash with a fork and put back into soup.
  6.  Add a can of drained white beans and add to pot. 
  7. When beets are no longer hard, add vinegar (Start with 3 tbsp. and then add with taste).
  8.  Add mushroom sauce mix (stir powder in mug with water and then add to pot).
  9. Add chopped up dill (optional).
  10.  For added flavour, you can boil eggs, cut into small pieces and add to soup at the end.
Instead of using canned beans, soak 1 to 2 cups of beans in salted water the night before.  Pre-boil for approximately 30 to 40 minutes prior to adding to soup.

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