Tuesday, May 22, 2012



While the girls were out and about shopping in downtown Toronto, enjoying the boutiques along Bloor Street and cafes on Yorkville, I was busy gardening outdoors.  I didn't have time to  put a lot of thought to dinner after gardening.  I was more concerned with hitting up Winners to find some new flower pots for the backyard.

The girls had a houseguest from Montreal and were coming home hungry.  I was craving lobster, so I called up my daughter and made a deal with her.  If I were to buy the lobsters, she were to handle them once I got them home.  

I went to our local Longos and purchased 4 lobsters at $9.99 a pound.  Although their claws were wrapped with elastic bands, I was still a little afraid of these guys, so I decided to put them into the trunk of my vehicle, which was already full with the two large flower pots I had just purchased.

Everything was going great!  I unloaded the flower pots from my car and put them out back.  Bent down to pick up the boxes and out came 2 lobsters from the bottom of the box.  

The box was soaking wet and had broken open.  Oh my goodness!  What do I do?  I'm in panic mode!  I can't touch these lobsters, but my daughter won't be coming home from work for at least an hour.  I had no choice but to put on my rubber garden gloves and pick up these lobsters myself.  ~ On a good note, I'm so glad these little fellows fell into the empty flower pots and not onto my feet!

With all this lobster drama, I didn't have time to put thought to the rest of the meal, so I put a large pot of salted water on to boil and made a Greek salad in the meantime.

My daughter came home just on time to put the lobsters into the water and I had no problem with separating the claws and tail from the body, which is the only part we eat.

NOTE:  When purchasing lobster, try not to buy anything over 2 pounds.  1.5 to 2 pounds is best.  You don't want to pay for the bigger body that you will end up throwing out.

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