Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pizza and Illuminating Blogger Award.

This post is really about homemade pizza dough, leaving the garnishing to your own personal taste.  Although the recipe below is for one large pizza, I have to admit I made a few the other night.  My all time favourite pizza is rolled flat and placed onto a round pizza pan, garnished with sauce and grated mozzarella cheese, followed by whatever I'm in the mood for (onions, peppers, olives, ham, etc).

The other night, I started experimenting by making different pizzas.  I filled the crust of one pizza with grated mozzarella cheese which was good, but I think it would have been better had I used a cheese sticks instead.  I also didn't use sauce on this pizza.  Instead, I basted olive oil over the dough and used cooked diced tomatoes along with other garnishes as shown below.

When it comes to pizza, you can do whatever you want as long as you have a good base and that starts with the dough recipe.

I also am so thrilled to have received the illuminating award from two awesome bloggers; Andrea at Glam Hungry Mom and Keyona at Skinny and Delicious.  I follow these two blogs loyally and recommend you check them out.  Keyona also nominated me for the Lovely Blog Award, for more detail please see here.

In accepting this award, I must tell you one random fact about myself and that is that I am quite spiritual and strongly believe in keeping a burning candle in my home that is kept in my kitchen.  For this reason, I am pleased to add a burning candle to my blog :)

I thinks it's so touching that someone would light a candle for me.  This is something we do in good faith and for this reason, I would like to illuminate a candle for 5 bloggers too.  

3 cups Flour
1/4 cup Vegetable or Canola Oil
1 tsp Salt
1 packet of Instant Yeast 


  1. That dough looks awesome, and congrats on your award!

  2. I made lots of pizza dough when the kids were little...not so much now. Yours looks great!
    Congrats on the awards.

  3. Congrats on your award, Ellen. I love homemade pizza & I can't wait to try looks so delicious:)

  4. Another brilliant post & congrats on your well deserved award Ellen!

  5. i hv never tried baking the crust like how u rolled them and filled them with cheese, i think that's quite a nice idea and congrats of your awards!

  6. I want to take a bite out of that right now!


  7. Are you kidding me?? This looks like the most delicious pizza I have ever seen its gorg and I am officially WAY hungry

  8. Ellen, You are receiving awards again! Congratulations!

    Love your cheesy crust pizza idea. Look very yummy!

  9. Hi Ellen,

    I've been thinking about eating or attempting to make home-made pizza last night. What a coincidence. Yours looks fantastic!

    By the way, congratulations for the award! You deserve it!! :D


  10. man, this looks sooooooo delicious.

  11. There is nothing like home-made pizza with home-made pizza dough! I can never get enough pizza (hot or cold!) and would like to try this on the grill.

    Congrats on your well-deserved award!!


  12. Thank you for the award! That is so sweet of you!

    This pizza looks delicious. Homemade dough is definitely the way to go! I love that you made a stuffed crust pizza too! I've never made one but, I sure do love to eat them! Good idea!

  13. Although, you've been already nominated for the Versatile Blogger Awards, I really want it to pass it to you.
    you deserve all your awards. congratulation!!

  14. The pizza looks sooo good! :)