Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Peach Cookies (Voula S)

Peach Cookies

Another recipe from my sister's kitchen.

The process of making these cookies is very time consuming.  I highly recommend making these with a few friends in order to get these done faster.  What can be very tedious when working alone, can be a lot of fun when working with company.  This recipe yields plenty of peaches and there's plenty to share with those who helped.

Be creative like my sister who likes to decorate with silk leaves.  Why not make them out of chocolate?  ~Oh my, I'm giving you more work!

8 eggs
4 cups sugar
2 cups milk
3 cups Mazola or Canola oil
4 pkg vanilla sugar
3 pkg baking powder
14 cups 5 Rose all purpose flour

Mix ingredients in above order using a fork.

Preparing Cookies:
1.   Take a teaspoon at a time and roll into a small ball on a large cookie sheet (7 across).
2.   Bake each tray at 350°F for 12 minutes
a.    ~ Cool overnight for best results
3. Carve a hole into the bottom of each cookie and keep the interiors for the filling.

Filling:  Mix cookie crumbs into a bowl with jam.
1 500 mL peach jam (or apricot)
1 500 mL grape jam
Sprinkle a little vermouth, plus liqueur i.e. Amaretto
Make filling quite thick, even if you have to add a few broken cookies (You may also add grated walnuts)

1.   Sort and match 2 sizes the same to make 1 peach.
2.   Fill each cookie and stick together.

1.   Prepare 2 bowls:  1 with red food coloring and 1 with yellow food coloring.
2.   Put 4 drops of food coloring in each bowl and fill ½ way with milk.
3.   Dip cookie into bowl
~ one half in the yellow bowl

~ one half in the red bowl

4.   Roll in sugar and place directly into paper baking cups.

NOTE:   Cookies can be frozen.  Defrosts quickly.