Saturday, May 12, 2012

Macarons ~ A Treat from Paris

Macaron from Paris

My husband recently returned home from France with a treat from Paris.  He brought home Macarons.

He usually brings back Macarons from La Durée, but the last few times he's traveled to France, he's been bringing back Macarons from Macaron Gourmands.  ~These are really tasty and a better buy for your buck, I mean Euro. The only downside is that they dry out and lose their taste if not eaten within the first days of purchase, as they're baked daily.

The very last time he returned from Paris, my husband surprised us with an entirely different Macaron from maison PAUL.  These are my absolute favourite.  If you're ever in Paris, you must look for these Macarons.  (I believe they have a bakery in Poitiers, France too).

PAUL's Macarons were so fresh!  They are larger in diameter and softer on the inside than any Macaron I've ever tried.  With that crunchy exterior and a filling that cannot be better described than amazingly delicious, I don't think I'll ever be able to enjoy another Macaron unless it comes from PAUL's.      

I must learn how to make Macarons!
Speak of France.  Our family's very good friend that lives in Poitiers sent me a bouquet of flowers for my birthday.  I was so touched by his kindness.  Thank-you, Olivier!  The flowers are beautiful and I love them!  Merci pour les belles fleurs!  
Flowers from Olivier

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