Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Marinated Shish Kabob

Marinated Shish Kabob
With grilling season just around the corner, you will probably be looking for a great marinade.  Well, this is it!  Just be sure to never use it with stewing meat.  

I picked up some free from Angus Beef Stewing meat from Loblaws and although stew meat is too tough for grilling, I thought I would try soaking them in my no fail marinade, which actually failed me for the first time.  

The meat smelled so good while it was grilling on the barbecue and although I didn't have any mint or chicken spice on hand for the marinade, the shish kabob still tasted amazing!  Unfortunately,  the marinade was not able to tenderize this meat and my jaw was so sore from chewing.  

I should have marinated pork or chicken instead of this stewing beef.  This always works!  

I just couldn't bring myself to throw out this quality Angus Beef free from antibiotics and hormones.  I therefore decided to do something else with the grilled meat and the results were amazing.  Read my blog tomorrow and you'll see what I did. :)   

Just remember this is a great marinade for pork or chicken shish kabob.  


Black pepper
Chicken spice
Garlic (pressed)
Onion (diced)

1.   Mix all dry ingredients together and season meat cubes in a bowl.
2.   Pour enough oil on top to cover meat
3.   Mix
4.   Let sit in fridge overnight.
5.   Put on skewers with pieces of peppers and onions and barbecue.


  1. Oh my, don't those look good.

  2. This looks amazing! Got this from the blog swap. Definitely going to be a new follower. Check out my blog over at www.foodiegettingfit.com

  3. These shish kabob looks so yummy. This is a great way to make chicken.

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