Sunday, May 20, 2012

Trail Mix

What's in your trail mix?

Trail Mix
Here's a wonderful snack you can put together yourself.  It's a great snack that you can pack into Ziploc bags and add into your children's lunch box, purse, or stock into your car's glove compartment.  ~ A great way to avoid drive thrus!

What you put into your trail mix is a matter of personal preference.  Go to your nearest Bulk Barn and stock up on your favourite nuts, petzels, dried fruit, or cereal and mix them all together.

When my younger daughter was little, she used to trade the organic raisins I used to pack in her lunch for other children's apples.  This is what she told me over dinner the other night.  ~Now I know why she never wanted apples with her lunch.  How else would she be able to get rid of her raisins?  

I guess she won't be eating this trail mix either.  Oh well, she'll have to make her own!

In a big bowl, mix the following:

President's Choice Raw California Almonds (500 g bag for $6) Loblaws
President's Choice Roasted Sunflower Seeds (400 g bag for $3) Loblaws
President's Choice Toasted Corn (250 g bag for $3) Loblaws
President's Choice Corn Chips with Flaxseed (300 g bag for $3) Loblaws
Irresistibles Berry Medley (200g bag $3.69) Metro
Irresistibles Life Smart Raisins (375 g bag $3.29)) Metro
Longos' Pecan Pieces (285 g box $9.99) Longos

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