Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pasta Primavera for a Hungry Man

Pasta Primavera

The best part of having my husband home during this Father's Day weekend is getting to cook together.  Yesterday we went strawberry picking and made jam (a story to follow later this week) and then we put together this amazing Primavera Sauce made for a hungry man. (Hmm ... do you know a man that isn't forever hungry)?

Like most men, a meal is not complete without a meat protein, therefore, I've added some grounded veal to  my famous Primavera sauce.

Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there!

NOTE:  You may want to extend cooking time between all vegetables according to your personal taste.

2 Onions
3 Garlic cloves (Saute with onions)
4 Small Zucchinis
4 Carrots (2 sliced, 2 grated)
4 Celery sticks
1 Whole Broccoli
Mushrooms (amount to your liking)
4 Leeks (Whites only)
Bunch of Green Beans
20 to 30 Roma Tomatoes
Ground Veal (amount to your liking)
Salt & Pepper to taste


  1. What a beautiful and healthy pasta dish full of colour and flavour.

  2. Hand-picking strawberries.. how cool is that?

    My husband with scrap off the carrots, the mushrooms before even eating it...But pasta especially with veggies is just what I can eat days and nights, no need to warm it..Without the meat though!

  3. Looks fabulous! I love all the veggies! Have a fabulous week!

  4. What is it about husbands and meat? I don't get it, mine's the same way ;) Although I have to say a little meat in this pasta sounds like a nice change.

  5. Great recipe! so true - my husband doesn't think it's a proper meal without meat! Happy to follow you :)
    Mary x

  6. I always love coming to your site for dinner ideas - you are like EllenB/Encyclopedia - Ellenopedia.

    Never get tired of your site, thanks for the great recipe :)