Thursday, August 30, 2012

Salmon and Avocado Wrap

Salmon and Avocado Wrap

Are you ever looking for a quick and easy appetizer to serve while enjoying a fine glass of wine on your patio?  Well, this is as quick to make as it is to open a bottle of wine and serve. 

The glory of these little appetizers is that you can make them a couple of hours in advance, store in a sealed container and pull out of your refrigerator when ready to serve at your next cocktail party.

Tortilla Wraps
Smoked Salmon
Juice of a mini lime
Cream Cheese

  1. Cut avocado into small pieces and squeeze in the juice of a mini lime.  Crush with a mortar and mix the flavours well.
  2. Spread cream cheese on the tortilla wraps.
  3. Add pieces of smoked salmon over the cream cheese.
  4. Add a strip of the avocado/lime spread down the middle of the wrap.
  5. Wrap closed and cut into strips.  


  1. These look gorgeous, and really cute! They look perfect for little starters and stuff.

  2. Lovely presentation! Nice finger food for parties.

  3. This starters are wonderfull..They look so yummy..

  4. Omg this is my favorite post yet! Yummmmmmmyyyy!!

  5. i've made these before so i know how good and yummy these are!

  6. I just tried to make sandwiches with these ingredients, not wraps! New idea!

  7. yum! it's like a lovely twist on sushi. i love the combination of salmon and avocado!

  8. Yum! I love wraps. These would be good for lunch too!