Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cutting Boards

Bought a new set of cutting boards at Costco for $22.79 CDN last weekend.  It came with a stand that allows each board to be stored upright.  Looks pretty on the counter and can be stored in a cupboard without occupying too much space.

I love these cutting boards.  There's four of them in this set.  One for vegetables, one for meat, one for fish and another that I'll be using for poultry, as I'm not quite sure what the white board is for.  It shows a bowl with steam coming out of it.

With 4 different boards, there will be no cross-contamination in my kitchen.  Just throw them into the dishwasher and they're sterile and ready for future use.


  1. it seems i have a same thing at my home ! how is it possible ?

  2. I guess this means you know with whom I went shopping. I'm glad they made it to France safe and sound. Enjoy!

    Thank-you for the foie gras! I will definitely post it on my blog once it's opened.

  3. I love this cutting board!
    - Steph