Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chicken a la King (made with turkey)

Turkey a la King with Homemade Noodles

Normally, Chicken a la King is made with "Chicken",  This is not the case in the illustrations below.  I substituted the Chicken with Turkey.

While it was very tasty, I definitely like this recipe better with Chicken.  I believe using a whole chicken is best, as it incorporates the different textures and flavours of the white and dark meet.

While Chicken a la King is usually served in a pastry shell, I serve mine with homemade noodles on the side.

Economize and use the remaining chicken broth in a chicken soup.

1 whole Chicken
1 Egg

1.  Boil chicken as a whole (no need to cut into pieces).

2.  Skim fat from top.

3.  Once meat is cooked, drain water from pot.  Keep this broth aside for use in Step 9.  (If there's any leftover broth, use in Chicken Soup recipe).

4.  Debone the meat. (Discard bones).

5.  Cut meat into small pieces.

6.  Slice up some mushrooms.

7.  Saute mushrooms in butter. (Careful not to burn).

8.  Add 2 tsp of flour and mix.

9.  Add some broth and stir rapidly.

10.  Allow sauce to thicken.

11.  Add the cut up pieces of chicken and stir.

12.  Add an egg yolk.

13.  Stir the yolk into the creamy chicken sauce.

14.  Chicken a la King is ready to serve.

15.  Serve over rice, boiled potatoes, pasta, noodles or in a pastry shell.

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