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Peppers & Feta Tomato Sauce

Peppers & Feta Tomato Sauce

One of the main agricultures in Florina, Greece is peppers.  Growing up, this is one vegetable I remember being on our table quite frequently, whether it was added into a meal, a salad, or just a side dish.

Below is a recipe representing my Macedonian heritage.

When making this dish, be sure to use the creamiest Feta Cheese you can find.  The illustrations in the recipe below were made with Goat's Cheese and did not cream enough.  Trust me.  The type of Feta Cheese you use in this recipe will make all the difference in taste and texture.  My personal favourite Feta Cheese is made by Dodoni.


Peppers (Can be fresh from the garden or previously grilled and frozen)
6 cloves of garlic
Tomato Sauce
400 grams Feta Cheese
5 eggs (whisked with a fork)
Salt & Pepper

1.  Prepare peppers.  They can be fresh or previously grilled and frozen.  (If already grilled, skip step 3).  They can be sliced, or cut into pieces or left as a whole.

2.    Chop up approximately 6 garlic cloves.

3.  In a skillet, preheat olive oil and fry the fresh peppers.

4.  Heat up tomato sauce in a separate casserole.

5.  Prepare your feta cheese into pieces.

6.  Crumble feta cheese into the tomato sauce and mix into sauce, allowing to simmer.

7.  Add peppers to the sauce.  Season with salt & pepper.

8.  Allow all ingredients to simmer for about 5 more minutes.

9.  Mix in the eggs.  Simmer for another minute or two.

10.  Pour sauce over pasta, or cut up a baguette and dip.
Whole wheat pasta with pepper and feta tomato sauce.

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