Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spinach Croissants (Toula M)

Spinach Croissants

Aunt Toula makes the absolute most amazing croissants that I have ever tasted.  There isn't one person out there that has tried them and didn't LOVE them as much as our entire family does.  We always get so excited when she comes to visit because there's always a special bowl full of this delicacy.

It took me a long time to get this recipe from my aunt.  I've attempted making them on my own, but something is always a little off.  While in Florida, Aunt Toula allowed me to watch and photograph her in action, step by step.

The entire building smelled so nice from the outside.  All our neighbours enjoyed a sample, including the UPS delivery man that my aunt befriended over the winter.

Ingredients for Dough:
2 heaping Tbsp Instant Yeast
1 Tbsp Sugar
1 Tsp salt
1 8 oz glass Canola Oil
2 Eggs 
1 8 ox glass warm Milk
All Purpose Flour (5 Roses)

Ingredients for Filling:
Feta Cheese
Cottage Cheese
2 Eggs (Optional)

2 Eggs (whisked with a fork)
1 tbsp water

1.  In a bowl, mix the yeast, sugar and salt.
2.  Add the canola oil.
3.  Warm up the milk.  (Do not boil or make very hot).
4.  Add 2 Eggs.
5.  Mix with a spoon.
6.  Add half of the warm milk.
7.  Mix with fork.
8.  Add remaining milk and start adding flour, one cup at a time.
9.  Mix with a fork.
10.  Continue to add flour and mix with a fork.
11.  When no longer able to mix with a fork, start kneading with hands.
12.  Dough is ready when no longer sticking to hands.
13.  Cover dough with plastic wrap (BPA free).
14.  Put a towel on top of dough and set aside to double in size.
15.  While dough is rising, prepare filling.  Mix cottage cheese into spinach. (Spinach can be blanched as shown below or frozen - be sure to squeeze out juice).
16.  Mix in ricotta cheese.
17,  Crumble feta cheese into mixture.
18.  Mix everything together
19  Generously grease baking pan with salty margarine.
20  Once dough has doubled in size, cut out balls the size of a baseball and roll flat.
21.  Cut into triangles.
22.  Roll triangle once again with a rolling pin to flatten even more.
23.  Add filling to wide end of triangle.
24.  Start rolling up the triangle from the wide end.
25.  Be sure to squeeze ends shut as rolling.
26.  Curl in ends.
27.  Lay out onto heavily greased pan.
28.  Beat 2 Eggs.
29.  Baste with egg wash.
30.  Take another piece of dough and repeat.
31.  Bake at 350F for approximately 20 minutes.  Ready when bottom has browned.

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