Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Buckwheat with Spinach and Mushrooms

Buckwheat with Spinach and Mushrooms
This dish was created out of sheer luck.  The fridge was getting bare and I wanted to give it a good cleaning.  I was not going grocery shopping until all food was used up ~ An empty fridge is so much easier to clean.

Now that I'm spending more and more time outdoors gardening, I've been trying to make quick recipes that don't require too much time spent indoors.

This dish was created in order to use up the lonely mushrooms in my refrigerator.  Odd freezer and pantry items were added to make this dish a little more interesting with no clue as to what the end result would taste like, which was surprisingly good. 

Overall, we were quite pleased with the outcome.  Only next time, I'll be sure to use fresh spinach.  (I think it would give this dish a livelier colour).